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Continuous Data Protection / Server Failover Double-Take Software
Move. Protect. Recover.

Evolving infrastructures need the ability to move, protect and recover. Double-Take Software solutions from Net-Noggin fully enable those capabilities.

Double-Take provides full-server failover and data replication for protecting business critical servers such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) SharePoint and more. Double-Take is hardware and application independent and allows you to replicate and failover between Windows versions, SAN, NAS and LAN vendors.

Here's how Double-Take Works. A source (primary) file or application server is continually mirrored to the local or remote target (secondary server). The target server can be different physical hardware, or can be virtualized. Upon failure of the primary server, Double-Take allows full automatic failover to the secondary server, or enables administrators complete control over the recovery process.
Continuous Data Protection / Server Failover Double-Take Software

Affordable Protection and Recovery for Secondary ServersDouble-Take Software's product lineup also include multiple data protection and recovery solutions. Livewire provides simple, full-server data protection and rapid recovery for second tier servers - those that don't require immediate failover, but must be restored to service rapidly.

Eliminate Tape Restores with TimeData Continuous Data ProtectionTimeData from Double-Take Software helps eliminate tape restores in a simple and cost-effective way. With TimeData, you can quickly and easily recover data due to malware, corruption or human errors without the cumbersome process of traditional tape restores. Optimized for protecting NTFS volumes, Exchange Information Stores and SQL Server databases, TimeData recovery is available at granular levels using TimeData, including the entire system, entire database or single documents.

Cost-effective Storage OptimizationDouble-Take Cargo optimizes storage, reducing file sizes during the archiving process. Cargo's lightning fast restore features minimize recover time for your critical data.

Start protecting your critical servers and data today with Double-Take solutions from Net-Noggin. Drop us a line, we'll explain everything.

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